AI driven LOP
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AI driven LOP
Servicing for
Healthcare Practices


AI driven LOP
Servicing for
Healthcare Practices

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Gain LOP Servicing Components

LOP Tracking

Our automated platform tracks the status of every LOP so that
we collect on every LOP that can be collected and eliminates
avoidable write-offs.

All Repayments Optimized

Our proprietary platform automatically compares your LOP repayments versus reimbursed amounts from thousands of
similar lawsuits to ensure you are reimbursed fairly without
sacrificing any referral relationships.

Referral Source Analysis

Our platform tracks every LOP from every referral source. This provides insight into how each referral source reimburses LOPs over time and allows unbiased comparison across referral sources

Business Intelligence

Full reporting and analytics to see the results we are getting. Reports help you better understand revenue generated from LOPs

What is LOP Servicing?

Gain provides a service to manage LOPs on behalf of healthcare practices so that doctors can focus on treating more patients and getting great outcomes. Gain’s LOP Servicing is a package of technology, people and processes that is proven to deliver higher reimbursements, at a lower cost, without impacting referrals.

Gain’s proprietary platform uses machine learning to track LOPs and capture settlement values from tens of thousands of underlying lawsuits. This massive comparative dataset feeds our artificial intelligence (AI) engine which the Gain team uses to optimize the repayments for your LOPs.

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Why Use Gain?

Doctors are passionate about patients having access to proper treatment whether they have health insurance or not. As a result, many practices treat uninsured and underinsured personal injury patients on Letter of Protection (LOP). This IS a “win” for these patients because they get treatment they may not otherwise receive.

Meanwhile, treating patients on LOPs is financially hard on doctors. Doctors may have to wait months and years in hopes that they will get paid when the case settles.

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Our goal is fundamentally client focused. We maximize reimbursement while protecting referral sources.

We understand the value of referral sources and our process is built to nurture and protect them. Attorneys love Gain because our automated processes save them time and they respect the approach we take when settling LOPs.

Our AI driven approach is fundamentally different.

Leveraging data-centric data and business intelligence to ensure that we collect on every LOP and eliminate avoidable write-offs.

Our massive dataset and artificial intelligence engine are unique in the industry. No other company has the platform and technology that we do.

Our results are fundamentally better

We are proud to share that Gain produces higher payment amounts than any in-house or 3rd party alternative.

We share those increases directly with our customers enabling them to get the highest possible payments.

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