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Gain makes it simple and profitable for healthcare providers to accept Letters of Protection (LOP) as a payment method for uninsured and underinsured patients.

LOPs are unique compared to all other payor sources. As such, they require domain knowledge as well as highly specialized processes and software to be managed profitably. These capabilities fall outside the scope of almost all healthcare practices. For practices that do manage LOPs in-house, they are forced to use manual processes which are cumbersome and time intensive. Gain’s service solves the back-office billing issues that come with accepting LOPs and allows providers to focus on getting great patient outcomes.

Gain has developed a proprietary SaaS Based, artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced platform to simultaneously track the tens of thousands of lawsuits relating to LOPs from inception to settlement. We offer our technology, people and processes as a service to healthcare providers to manage their LOPs from time of treatment through repayment. Our service is proven to get providers better reimbursements for their LOP balances, at a lower cost, compared to any in-house or third-party solution.

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