What is LOP Servicing?

Gain provides a service to manage LOPs on behalf of healthcare practices so that doctors can focus on treating more. Gain’s LOP Servicing is a package of technology, people and processes that is proven to deliver higher reimbursements, at a lower cost, without impacting referrals.

Gain’s proprietary platform that uses machine learning to track LOPs and capture settlement values from tens of thousands of underlying lawsuits. This massive comparative dataset feeds our artificial intelligence (AI) engine which the Gain team uses to optimize the repayments for your LOPs.

Get Paid More on LOPs

Gain’s LOP Servicing is proven to deliver higher reimbursements, at a lower cost, without impacting referrals.

Eliminate Avoidable Losses

Our powerful tracking system eliminates unpaid LOPs by tracking the status of the lawsuit underlying each LOP and taking corrective action, if needed.

Most Advanced LOP Platform in the World

Every Gain customer receives the advantages of the most advanced LOP servicing platform in the world.

Saves Time for the Attorneys who Refer Cases

Attorneys prefer when providers use Gain because our automated processes save them time.

True Business Intelligence

Full reporting and analytics help you better understand revenue generated from LOPs.

Referral Source Analysis

Our platform tracks every LOP from every referral source. This provides insight into how each reimburses LOPs over time and allows unbiased comparison for your practice.

No Need to Change Your Existing Medical Billing Software

Providers who use Gain can use any practice management software. Gain has experience working with a variety of systems including AdvancedMD, Allscripts, Athena Health, Azalea Health, Carecloud, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, eMDs, EMA Dermatology (Modernizing Medicine), OmniMD, Practice Expert and many others.

Private Label Option

Gain offers a private label option where all communications are performed under the provider’s name. The default option is ”Gain Servicing on behalf of (INSERT PROVIDER NAME)”.